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How to Configure Zoom Virtual Backgrounds on IGEL OS

Recently, in the IGEL Community, Lars Glöckner, Senior Solutions Architect EMEA at IGEL, posted a tech-tip on configuring Zoom virtual backgrounds on IGEL OS.

Worth reading:

Make Zoom Virtual Background on Linux available with Citrix, VMware Horizon, and AVD (WVD) when you don't have the supported hardware in place.

There is a new article on Zoom online: - thanks to @Sven for bringing this to my attention.

I have built a workaround to make this feature possible on IGEL OS, but you need to configure that for your solution like this:

The main file, which is every time available, is this one:


The other ones are only there when the Zoom Plugin is enabled in the section of the solution for Citrix, VMware Horizon, and AVD (WVD).

Zoom with Custom Partition:

sed -i "s/SMARTVB=.*/SMARTVB=1/g" /etc/zoomvdi/ZoomMedia.ini

Zoom on Citrix:

sed -i "s/SMARTVB=.*/SMARTVB=1/g" /etc/zoomvdi/citrix/ZoomMedia.ini

Zoom on Horizon:

sed -i "s/SMARTVB=.*/SMARTVB=1/g" /etc/zoomvdi/vmware/ZoomMediaVmware.ini

Zoom on AVD or WVD:

sed -i "s/SMARTVB=.*/SMARTVB=1/g" /etc/zoomvdi/wvd/

Learn more, and if you have questions/comments, please post them to the thread inside the IGEL Community.


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