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How to Capture System Performance Logs on IGEL OS and View in Excel

Written by David Seeber, IGEL Community INSIDER

Recently, IGEL Community INSIDER, David Seeber shared a post inside the Community on Slack detailing how to capture system performance logs from IGEL OS and allow you to view them in Microsoft Excel.

"Just a quick one that I'm throwing out here.

See attached:

  • nmon is a standalone binary that will dump system performance into .nmon file

  • xlsm file is used to open and convert the nmon log to an Excel file with automatically generated charts

How to use:

  • Copy nmon file into IGEL OS, e.g. /wfs/ directory – ensure to append this path to the beginning of the command each time you run it, e.g. /wfs/nmon

  • Execute /wfs/nmon -f for the duration you require, e.g. nmon -f -s 5 -c 200 will run every 5 seconds and capture 200 entries (=1000s total capture time) (or run nmon -f -x to record 1 day's worth or nmon -f -X for 1 hour's worth of captures) N.B: For detailed usage see nmon Command - IBM Documentation.

  • Retrieve the xxxxxx.nmon dump file from IGEL client (will be in the working directory where you were when you ran the command)

  • Open the nmon analyser v66.xlsm and import the xxxxxxxx.nmon dump file (ensure that Editing and Macros are both allowed inside Excel)

  • The macros will ask you to save as a new Excel file and this will contain all the data. For any chart you can scroll up to find the raw data used."

To learn more download the script files, please read the "How to Capture System Performance Logs on IGEL OS and View in Excel" insider the IGEL Community on Slack. Not a member, Join here!

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