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How To Automatically Upgrade IGEL OS Devices Without Bothering Your Users (Much)!

Written by David W. King, IGEL Community Member!

IGEL Community member David W King recently shared a post inside the IGEL Community on Slack detailing how to automatically upgrade IGEL OS devices without bothering users (much)! This post answers a question we receive quite often and provides good insights into how to solve it.

Automated Firmware Upgrade Steps for IGEL UD & UDC devices


Before each version upgrade, the method below should be tested on various individual machines before performing a mass upgrade attempt.



Send a blanket email to the user community being upgraded, notifying them that IGEL system will be sporadically upgraded automatically during badge-out/log-off. If any systems are unsuccessful or non-operational after the upgrade, be sure to instruct them to power off/on the systems before contacting the Service Desk.

Configure Upgrade Folders:

Assign the Reboot-Post Citrix Session Profile along with the current IGEL Firmware to the respective "Upgrade" folder.

Move Devices to Upgrade Folder:

Either Cut/Paste or Drag and Drop a subset of IGELs to the "Upgrade" folder. Due to bandwidth issues, limit the number of machines to 20 and don't upgrade all systems in one area at the same time.

Note: Nothing happens at this point until a user "Badges Out" and disconnects (or logs outs etc.) from their Citrix VDI session.

Learn more, continue reading the post 'How To Automatically Upgrade IGEL OS Devices Without Bothering Your Users (Much)!' in the IGEL Community on Slack. Not an IGEL Community member? Join Today!


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