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How long does it take to install IGEL OS on a device?

Written by Dan Goss, IGEL Community Member

What does IGEL Zero Touch Deployment look like?

Dan is getting asked these questions quite often so he compiled a short video to show the full process of flashing a device with IGEL OS which then receives the Zero Touch treatment.

The video is running at 4x normal speed so I have included the real-time timestamps from the full video.

For this video the device IGEL is being installed on is a virtual machine running on VMware Workstation with:





00:28 (01:53 Real-time) - IGEL OS Installation is complete

00:31 (02:05 Real-time) - System Restarted and the Zero Touch Deployment begins

00:47 (03:01 Real-time) - The IGEL registered with the UMS (Universal Management Suite) and was issued a license

01:02 (04:11 Real-time) - UMS default directory rule applied a new configuration to the IGEL

01:10 (04:44 Real-time) - The IGEL received all its profiles and firmware customisations and is ready for use

Total time for IGEL OS to install:

1 minute 53 seconds

Watch the Video here!!


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