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Discover IGEL Solutions and Services Available to You!

Discover and learn more about all the IGEL solution-specific content and services available to you as an IGEL customer! 

IGEL cares, and we want to make sure our customers are as happy and productive as possible. One of the services we've implemented to help accomplish this vision is a formal onboarding process. 

If you are new to IGEL or even an existing customer, you may not be aware of our newest services and updated content available ONLY to IGEL customers. Hence we would like to onboard or reboard you! 

You will chat with one of our specialists and have the ability to ask questions, give feedback, and will be brought up to speed on the following:

IGEL Account(s) Creation – IGEL License Portal, Support, IGEL Community.

IGEL Community Resources – a community platform for "all things IGEL" created for IGEL customers, partners, and employees. A place where you can learn, collaborate, meet like-minded IT Pros, grow technically, and get help supporting IGEL software and thin client solutions.

Technical Support – a review of the three different IGEL support offerings. 

IGEL Academy – an online learning platform that includes certifications for advanced skillset achievements.

Advanced Services Offerings – a review of IGEL service offerings and packages. The best in IGEL expertise, straight from the source.

Who is Your IGEL Team – who should you call when you need IGEL assistance (or have a question)? Your IGEL team stands ready to assist. 

We feel this will bring you up to speed with what's new at IGEL and all the benefits and offerings you have at your disposal.

If you are interested, please learn more and apply for an appointment here:


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