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Cameyo Joins the IGEL Community!

The IGEL Community is happy to announce Cameyo has joined the IGEL Community!

As a member, you can now learn about their Cameyo secure digital workspace solution, talk directly with Cameyo's friendly & globally-distributed team, ask questions, and stay up-to-date on Cameyo news.

"The IGEL Community is really something special - a place where everyone is really committed to helping each other, learning from one another, and sharing knowledge. Our whole team here at Cameyo is excited to be a part of this thriving community, and we look forward to joining the conversation.

We know that the term 'Digital Workspace' is used a lot these days, and that it means a lot of different things to different people. Cameyo's approach to Digital Workspaces is focused on Virtual Application Delivery - enabling you to securely deliver all of your Windows and internal web applications to any device, from the browser. So, we do not take a traditional Virtual Desktop approach. Most organizations have a subset of users who truly need virtual desktops, and for those users VDI and DaaS are great. But for the rest of your users who only need access to a handful of legacy Windows apps or internal web apps, Cameyo makes the secure delivery of those apps to any device simpler and more cost-effective.

Our goal is to help you right-size your approach to desktop & application virtualization - enabling you to use VDI/DaaS for the users who need virtual desktops, and utilizing Cameyo to provide secure virtual app delivery for the rest. Cameyo is an IGEL Ready partner and you can learn more about how we work with IGEL on our IGEL Ready showcase page here.

We look forward to hearing from and speaking with you all, and answering any questions you might have!"

-Robb Henshaw, Co-Founder & CMO at Cameyo (on behalf of the whole Cameyo team)

Please visit and subscribe to the Cameyo channel at #tp-cameyo. Not a member? Please join us today here!

Learn more about the Cameyo; listen to my podcast with Robb here.


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