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Announcing IGEL Technology Partners Community Integration!

Today is a BIG day for the IGEL Community! We are growing and are one step closer to our goal of being more than the sum of our parts by providing you with the very best resources and experience relating to IGEL and the EUC world. Today we officially invite IGEL’s many technology partners to be members, to participate in the conversation, share the love of what they bring to our professional lives, and so much more! I’m trying excited about having them!

IGEL technology partners can now create their own channels in the Slack community where they can post anything they wish. Community members can subscribe to the partner channels they want. It's up to them. 

We also created an #igel-ecosystem channel. This channel is where community members will find important technology partner news and resource. In this channel, partners can share important resources. Important resources are defined as new product announcements, updates, releases, and mostly anything relating to IGEL, as long as it is not sales or marketing. After all, we are a technical community. 

Again, the goal is to allow our members to be exposed to the greater IGEL world and not just IGEL only resources. I genuinely feel there are many benefits in keeping up with what all IGEL's partners are doing and having the ability to communicate with them in the IGEL Community.  

As with IGEL DISRUPT, the IGEL Community is now more than just IGEL software, we want to share, learn, and embrace all software and hardware solutions in the IGEL ecosystem and the EUC world! 

If you are not already a member, please join


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