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A Giant Welcome to the IGEL Community Technology Launch Partners!

We are proud to announce the IGEL Community Technology Launch Partners! At IGEL, we are very proud of the relationships and integrations we have with many of the very best hardware and software vendors in the EUC space. In today's world of 'work from anywhere,' companies are required to support everything and monitor the user experience to give the very best for their users. At IGEL, we are pleased to partner with 80+ hardware and software vendors to provide a secure and straightforward out-of-the-box 360 experience. 

In the IGEL Community, we are so much more than just IGEL solutions. We are happy and proud to have many of our technology partners as members and will be adding more in the future. 

You can browse the 'Channel Browser' located in the top left of the Slack app, for a complete list of technology partners. You will find them by the prefix 'tp-'. 

Please visit our Technology Launch Partner's channels to subscribe, ask questions, and learn more.

Note, if you are not already a member, you will need to join for the following links to work. Please join here!


ControlUp is elated to join the IGEL community. With a long-standing partnership and a new, fully-integrated platform, we are here to engage in all things EUC. We invite you to ask us any questions, and to let us help you give ControlUp a try in your own lab or corporate environment! Who knows, there may even be a free pair of socks involved…

Goliath Technologies 

Goliath Technologies is honored to be part of the IGEL community. Together we are improving and simplifying the end-to-end user experience.

We look forward to sharing with the community how to make troubleshooting and resolving EUC performance issues easy.

Lakeside Software

Lakeside is thrilled to participate in the IGEL Community! Our partnership with IGEL has evolved over the years from a thin client right-sizing assessment to our agent being baked into every IGEL OS endpoint to provide visibility.

While, of course, we are available to answer any questions related to SysTrack as well as access to NFR licenses, we are also eager to exchange troubleshooting tips and tricks and share some laughs with folks who love EUC as much as we do!


Liquidware and IGEL have been partners since 2009, so we're really excited to be part of the IGEL online community. Our adaptive workspace management suite is in use by many IGEL and Liquidware joint customers. We're here to help answer any performance, application layering, or user environment management challenges you may have.

Learn more, visit Liquidware on the IGEL Community


Tehama is excited to join the IGEL Community! Our partnership with IGEL enables us to secure the supply chain - the combination of our workspace delivery solutions with IGEL's software-defined endpoints makes ready-to-work secure rooms possible. We're looking forward to building this community by meeting members, participating in meaningful conversations, and sharing ideas on the future of work.

Learn more, visit Tehama on the IGEL Community


ThinPrint is excited to join the IGEL Community! Our two companies have been partners for two decades, serving countless joint EUC customers worldwide. Most recently, we've partnered to deliver joint value to the WVD community with ThinPrint's ezeep solution integrated into IGEL OS.

We're excited to meet the IGEL Community members, partake in the productive and fun conversations around the EUC space, and if there's a question around printing, we might just have the right answer for you, too.

Learn more, visit ThinPrint on the IGEL Community

A very special thanks to the above IGEL Technology Partners for being a part of the IGEL Community. If you are a EUC software/hardware provider and would like to join the IGEL Community Technology Partner Program, please email for more information. 

After all, we are always BETTER TOGETHER! 


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