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IGEL VIP Award - 2024

IGEL VIP is awarded annually to IGEL Community members for exceptional community involvement by sharing their knowledge and experiences through community posts, white papers, in-person or online sessions. VIPs have proven themselves as members who go above and beyond to share their real-world expertise and experiences worldwide, resulting in real community leadership.



Subject to change

  • All benefits of INSIDER 

  • VIP Trophy

  • Monthly webinars with project management  

  • Access to beta software 

  • Free access to IGEL Academy Premium 

  • Forever love from the IGEL Community to you!

Award Winners 2024

Carl Behrent

Carl Behrent.jpg

Member of the Year 2019

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Leon Beitsch

Leon Beitsch-bio.jpg

Member of the Year 2023

  • LinkedIn

René Bigler

Rene Bigler.jpeg

Member of the Year 2020

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Barry Browne

Barry Browne.jpeg

Member of the Year 2020

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Stuart Donnelson

Stuart Donnelson.jpg

Member of the Year 2021

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Brandon Brewer

  • LinkedIn

Milan Potrok


Member of the Year 2023&2024

  • LinkedIn

Markus Kachel

Markus Kachel.jpg
  • LinkedIn

David Prows

David Prows.jpg

Member of the Year 2019 &
IGEL Community Fellow

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Zachary Sholar

Zachary Sholar.jpeg
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Sven Berg


    Eike Schwöppe

    Eike Schwoeppe.jpg
    • Twitter

    Gero Kotzur

    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter

    Bruno Otero


      Member of the Year 2024

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