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IGEL OS is the next-gen endpoint OS for cloud workspaces. It standardizes your endpoints and provides for adaptive configuration and granular control, while giving users a familiar, trouble free workspace. Supporting a vast array of remote display protocols, IGEL OS is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments of all types. Built on a highly secure Linux distribution with an extremely small attack surface to fortify your enterprise against malware, it can run on any compatible 64-bit device to help protect your hardware investments.


What's New​ in version 11.05.133 (April-'21)

  • IGEL OS 11.05.133 offers the current bugfixes and in addition, the following client updates (focus Unified Communication):
       ◦    Zoom Media Plugin 5.5.12716
       ◦    Added support of Cisco WebEx Meeting VDI for usage within Horizon
       ◦    HDX RTOP 2.9.300
       ◦    Cisco JVDI 14
       ◦    Cisco WebEx Meeting VDI 41.4.0 (host system has to be on the same version, corresponding disclaimer was added)
       ◦    Cisco WebEx Teams VDI 41.4.0
       ◦    Teradici PCoIP 21.03
       ◦    Added Printer support (CUPS) in WVD (already added in 11.05.131)

What's New​ in version 11.05.120 (March-'21)

  • Substitutes the 11.05.100

  • Includes Citrix Workspace App 2103

  • all current bugfixes

  • For the complete changelog, please see the Release Notes here

What's New​ in version 11.05.100 (Feb-'21)

  • Kernel update to version 5.9.16 to offer support for new and current hardware

    • In this regards, our 3rd Party Hardware Database on igel.com will be updated in the course of next week

  • Enhanced WVD functionality 

  • Print solution via ezeep from ThinPrint

    • Zoom VDI 

    • FabulaTech redirection solutions (Webcam, Scanner and USB)

    • All current security updates 

  • A lot of updated partner solutions

What's New​ in version 11.04.240 (Oct-'20)

  • Update of RM Agent (which is needed for offering UMS 6.06.100 features like the ICG certificate exchange).

  • Several updated partner solutions, like

    • Citrix Workspace App 20.10

    • Cisco JVDI 12.9.1

    • Cisco Webex Meetings VDI 40.10

    • Teradici PCoIP client 2010

    • DeviceTrust 20.1.200

    • Zoom Media Plugin for Citrix and Horizon

    • FebulaTech USB and Scanner for Remote

    • etc.

  • Includes also the latest bugfixes. Please check the attached release notes for all the details.

What's New​ in version 11.04.200 (Oct-'20)

  • Integrated Citrix Workspace app 20.09

  • Integrated Cisco webex Meetings 40.10

  • Updated Parallels Client to version 

  • Added EPOS Connect

  • Updated A.E.T. Europe SafeSign Identity Client to version

  • Added possibility to fetch log files of the Zoom Media Plugin (ZoomVDI)
      via UMS support information

  • Added detection of UD Pocket UC5-LX 2

  • Updated Login Enterprise to version 4.2

What's New​ in version 11.04.100 (Aug-'20)

What's New​ in version 11.04.100 (Aug-'20)

  • Base update to Ubuntu 18.04 and current Kernel version (for extending our hardware support)

  • Focus on Unified Communication:

    • Integration of the ZOOM Media Plugin for Citrix

    • Added support for Cisco Webex Teams VDI and Webex Meetings VDI

    • Enhanced peripheral support (EPOS and Poly)

  • Offering very demanded features, like:

    • Chromium as alternative browser

    • Browser-based Appliance Mode (as substitute for the well-known XenDesktop Appliance Mode)

    • Captive Portal support

  • Several updates of our integrated partner solutions, like Citrix Workspace App, Teradici PCoIP Ultra Client, ThinLinc, Speech, PowerTerm, etc.

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