IGEL OS 11 Tech Resources

Page last updated: December 10, 2019

IGEL OS is the next-gen endpoint OS for cloud workspaces. It standardizes your endpoints and provides for adaptive configuration and granular control, while giving users a familiar, trouble free workspace. Supporting a vast array of remote display protocols, IGEL OS is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments of all types. Built on a highly secure Linux distribution with an extremely small attack surface to fortify your enterprise against malware, it can run on any compatible 64-bit device to help protect your hardware investments.

What's New​ in version 11.03.100 (Dec-'19)

  • In IGEL OS 11.03.100 we introduced the signed system partitions. With this new features, a downgrade is not possible. To warn our customers, a disclaimer appears when accessing the download. Furthermore we are offering a 11.02.200 (which is only available through our customer engineers) as a fallback version. Troubleshoot guide is also available via our kb under https://kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.100/en/solving-issues-with-signed-partitions-24389471.html)

What's New​ in version 11.02.150 (Sept-'19)

  • Security Fixes

What's New​ in version 11.02.130 (August-'19)

  • Integrated Citrix Workspace app 19.06.
      Available Citrix Workspace apps in this release: 19.06, 13.10 and 13.5.

  • Updated Citrix HDX RTME (used for optimization of Skype for Business) to version

  • Added support for "Citrix Workspace Launcher" functionality

  • Added "Citrix Farm Selection", a facility to manually select one of the
      configured services/farms for Storefront login.

  • RDP/IGEL RDP Client 2

  • Updated Horizon Client to version 5.0.0-12557422

  • Added Teradici PCoIP Client version 19.05.5. This feature requires an
      additional license.

  • Updated Parallels Client to version 17.0

  • Added Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulation. This feature requires an
      additional license. 

  • Plus much more!

Previous Versions

OS 11.02.130 - August 23, 2019 - release notes - download

OS 11.01.130 - August 23, 2019 - release notes - download

OS 11.01.120 - June 13, 2019 - release notes - download

OS 11.01.110 - June 13, 2019 - release notes - download

OS 11.01.100 February 15, 2019 - release notes - download