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Universal Management Suite (UMS) is a single management solution for up to tens of thousands of decentralized endpoints. Purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments, UMS supports diverse operating systems, databases and directories.

What's New​ in version 6.03.130 (Dec-'19)

  • With usage of UMS 6.03.130 the firmware downloads within the UMS are now https-based and delivered via CDN – this should increase the general download rate and the firmware files itself are secured against any manipulation. For customers who are using a firewall, port 443 and the new address (fwus.igel.com) has to be allowed. Please see also https://kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.03/en/new-features-24388208.html as reference.


What's New​ in version 6.03.110 (Oct-'19)

  • UMS-SSL-cert. distribution doesn't work after Update to UMS 6.03.100

What's New​ in version 6.03.100 (Oct-'19)

  • Windows Firmware Updates are now provided with https

  • Universal Firmware Update supports FTPS and SFTP (UMS Administration -> Global Configuration -> Universal Firmware Update)

  • Increased the maximum memory usage of UMS Console (1024mb -> 3072mb), UMS Server (2048mb -> 4096mb) and RM Admin (512mb -> 1024mb) to support large installations

  • Option to save Searches as CSV, XML, HTML & XSL

  • UMS can be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

What's New​ in version 6.02.110 (Aug-'19)

  • Updated Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.40 to 8.5.43

  • Added: Support for Shadowing via IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG 2.01.100 or higher and IGEL OS 11.02.100 or higher are required)


What's New​ in version 6.02.100 (June-'19)

  • This version fixes the security issue ISN 2019-05, which only affects HA UMS installations. We highly recommend that HA users upgrade to this release.

  • Disk Usage notification type for the UMS notification system

  • Global notification type for the UMS notification system to inform the user of important news

  • Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.37 to 8.5.40

  • Administrative tasks notification type for the UMS notification system

  • The UMS now displays all connected monitors of a device

  • Much more

Page last updated: December 10, 2019

Previous Versions

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