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Universal Management Suite (UMS) is a single management solution for up to tens of thousands of decentralized endpoints. Purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments, UMS supports diverse operating systems, databases, and directories

What's New​ in version 6.07.100 (March-'21)

UMS 6.07.100:


UMS Web App:

The UMS Web App now offers new features for the use case "Device Management":


Learn more at https://kb.igel.com/ums/whatsnew 

What's New​ in version 6.06.110 (Jan-'21)

This version includes the following bug fixes and will replace the version UMS 6.06.100: 


  • Some important bug fixes for the UMS Web App

  • The search does no longer crash handling a massive number of devices

  • A bug inside the License-Check-Service (UMS Web App) for Windows10 devices resulted in an error that stopped the index-service

  • Logging-section inside the Ums WebApp was hidden from AD-Group-Users and Superusers

  • The device online check was incorrect if the user had insufficient permissions for the corresponding Cloud Gateway

  • Universal Firmware Updates are no longer deleted from UMS WebDAV if the protocol is changed from HTTP(S) (UMS WebDAV) to another protocol.

  • Shared workplace login was not possible if the user had no settings assigned

  • Wildcard certificates were not selectable in the ICG Update KeyStore dialog​

What's New​ in version 6.06.100 (Nov-'20)

​UMS 6.06.100:

UMS Web App:

With the 2nd version for the UMS Web App we will introduce a lot more user-friendly features to complete the Helpdesk use case.


Updated “Important Information”: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.06/en/important-information-37283266.html

What's New​ in version 6.05.110 (Oct-'20)


  • Support of Active Directory authentication for MS SQL Server database

  • New UMS superuser for initial UMS setup. This 'UMS superuser' is automatically created during installation and receives the same username and password as the database user

  • Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.50 to 8.5.56

  • Java from version 8u242 to 8u252

UMS Web App

  • Web-based user interface for managing IGEL OS endpoints (early feature set)

  • Managing device tree

  • Sending power control commands (Reboot, Shutdown, Suspend, Wakeup)

  • Shadow devices

  • Powerful search

  • Network and server overview

What's New​ in version 6.05.100 (July-'20)

  • New option to configure Windows firewall port exclusions in the UMS installer

  • New option to install the UMS Web App component

  • New user type for initial UMS setup, the UMS superuser

  • Support of Active Directory authentication for MS SQL Server database

  • UMS HA Health Check ​tool to check the status of an HA environment

What's New​ in version 6.04.120 (Feb-'20)

  • Added support for OS Creator for Windows

What's New​ in version 6.04.110 (Mar-'20)

  • Jobs 

    • Fixed: Jobs could not be edited/selected. (Error Message was "Error Unable to load details for the tree nodes. Original error message: null")

    • Fixed: A missing library could lead to failing jobs on headless installations.

  • Automatic License Deployment (ALD)

    • -Fixed: Devices did not receive a renewal license automatically if the renewed subscription pack was assigned to the UMS Licensing ID and the pack had no ALD Token.

  • Universal Firmware Update

    •  Fixed: The check for available firmware updates failed with a null pointer message if one of the downloaded firmware properties was invalid.

  • Searches

    • Fixed: Search History used lifetime settings of views instead of its own lifetime settings.

  • Database schema

    • Fixed: The UMS could not be updated if the used schema name contained dashes. (Only for Microsoft SQL Server databases)

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