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PowerShell Script for Auto Renaming IGEL OS Endpoints Based on UnitID

If you are using IGEL UD Pockets, you will have noticed they are assigned the device's Mac address as the device's name in the IGEL UMS. This is the default configuration. If multiple UD Pockets are preconfigured on the same machine, you will end up with more than one device with the same name in the UMS.

To overcome this issue, IGEL Community INSIDER, Markus Kachel, wrote a PowerShell script that sets the name of IGEL devices to ITC+UnitID. It uses the PSIGEL module from Falk Heiland at The script shortens the UnitID of the UD Pocket to the last 12 chars. You are free to modify it as desired.

On the first run, the script will ask for the password of the UMS user and save it in the file UMSCredentials.txt as a secure string. The username and UMS server address need to be set in the script using Set-Variables. Adjust them to your needs.

Markus commented the 'mail function' in case of an error out. It may be helpful if you run the script regularly using the task planer in windows. The script's output is written to log files that go to a subdirectory called 'Logs'.


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