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IGEL Tech Memories from Sébastien Pérusat – May 2021

Dear IGEL Community,

Guess what? The vaccine is coming to Germany, and the spring is starting after weeks of rain and cold temperatures. Needless to say that I chose precisely that period to exchange my heating system at home… Murphys Law… May is bringing our businesses a bit back to normal, the life is re-starting everywhere too, our terraces are opening already: should I say finally? It might feel like a month like any other from an IGEL perspective, but I will try to show you the opposite. Remember our discussions about Cisco Webex meeting issues because of mismatching versions? Should be gone after our Private Build 11.05.145, where we introduced multiple Cisco Webex Meetings client versions! Same for Zoom selector: and 11.05.152

Let’s start:

IGEL Software Updates

  • IGEL OS Updates

    1. Private Builds: just one month but released seven of them: IGEL 11.04.198, 11.05.139, 11.05.140, 11.05.144, 11.05.145, 11.05.148 (DER), 11.05.152

IGEL Community Events

  1. 20th of April: IGEL Community Meetup – Mathis Huber: Security is always at the top of every company’s IT agenda, so we wanted to bring IGEL’s security manager to share his thoughts on security and how IGEL secures our solutions. Matthias answers questions and shares his views on IGEL security. Mathias is a great speaker, and it is always fun to attend his sessions. We know you will love and learn a lot from this meetup!

IGEL Technology Partners

  • As mentioned above, we are adding new Technology Partners all the time. The following partners joined the IGEL Community. Visit them on the IGEL Community on Slack. This month, we focused on existing Partners and created a few groups to integrate them into Slack Discussions easily.

    • Pretty calm here, but we expect some news there soon!

New Papers & Videos

  1. BRAND NEW: IGEL Community Video page: the unpronounceable Tech Tip Tuesday: once a week, you will get short 5-10 Min. tutorials related to actual Hot topics coming from the IGEL Community.

    • How to use Buddy Update

    • How to use external VNC in UMS

    • How to disable IGEL OS Features

    • How to reset IGEL OS to factory Defaults

    • How to enhance IGEL OS Security

  1. I’m recording some short videos on “how to” achieving simple tasks, like GIFs. Please let me know if you need a specific topic.

  2. UPDATED: Advanced Services created a Unified Communication in a Box Getting started Guide, explaining how to set up different Unified Communications solutions on our IGEL OS and server-side. Check out the latest best practices there! Especially those based on the latest Private Build 11.05.139


  1. Nolt Feature Proposal is live for a couple of weeks now. Please check it out! This Feature Proposals Board will not only give you the ability to share your product ideas, but you can vote for existing items. Your votes help us understand which suggestions/ideas are essential to you.

  2. Thanks to our Partner Xentegra and especially the one and only Andy Whiteside, Xentegra Podcasts together with Doug and myself. Please check out the latest ones on Google, Apple, Audible:

    • Podcasts: How to deploy a CP via ICG and New UMS / ICG / IGEL OS versions

    • Upcoming Podcast: how to get User metrics from the endpoint like Wifi signal

IGEL Award Winners (INSIDERS & VIPs)

We shared the following in the IGEL INSIDERS & VIPs group, a private channel for award winners who have selflessly raised the bar through their contributions to others and community leadership:

  • 11th of may: IGEL INSIDER/VIP Open Q&A with Matthias (CTO) and Mali (VP of PM) & Christian Werner (Director of PM)

    1. We share a lot of Roadmap information there and known issues. We miss you there. Please join us by being active and helping others.

Summer is coming, so be prepared! We expect some cool stuff is coming in June!

Oh, if you are not already a member? Please join us at


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