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IGEL Tech Memories from Sébastien Pérusat – March 2021

Welcome to my monthly technical recap. I can’t believe we are now in April, and the first quarter already ended feels like a movie tape on Fast forward (yes, I’m old enough to remember tapes). Even if the pandemic is slowing down a lot of processes and businesses, we are still trying to be at the edge and keep you on the latest state-of-the-art technology. IGEL released a lot of great stuff to the market to you; let’s take a closer look into what we achieved with your help!

IGEL Community Awards

IGEL Software Updates

IGEL OS Updates

  • Private Builds: just one month but released six of them: IGEL OS 10.06.206, 11.04.279, 11.04.294, 11.04.295, 11.05.110, 11.05.112

  • Technical Preview: we had the first insights of the new products inside 11.05.101.TP1 with Teradici PCoIP 2103 (Beta), Webex Teams VDI EFT 41.3.0, and Citrix Workspace App EAR 21.03

  • On March 25th, IGEL launched our brand new IGEL OS 11.05.120 firmware and even an IGEL OS 10.06.220 Firmware with state-of-the-art client components.

  • On March 26th, IGEL shared a potential security risk telling you to update to the latest versions.

UMS (Universal Management Suite)

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • A lot of bugfixes and component updates went into the latest version published on March 29th, 2.03.100:

IGEL Community Events

IGEL Technology Partners

  • As mentioned above, we are adding new Technology Partners all the time. The following partners joined the IGEL Community. Visit them on the IGEL Community on Slack. This month, we focused on existing Partners and created a few groups to integrate into Slack discussions quickly.

    • @devicetrust

    • @ncomputing

    • @tricerat

New Papers & Videos

  • Brand New: IGEL Community Video page: one page for all videos, finally. Please check out the latest Community Meetup recordings.

  • Brand New: the unpronounceable Tech Tip Tuesday: once a week, you will get short 5-10 Min. tutorials related to actual Hot topics coming from the IGEL Community

  • Brand New: I’m recording some short videos on “how to” achieving simple tasks, like GIFs. Please let me know if you need a specific topic.

  • Brand New: Release information about new features on our launched products. For the first time, our Product management is delivering Summarizing videos on what is new inside of

  • Updated: The IGEL Software Suite Step-by-Step Getting Started Guides were updated. It includes the latest releases of all products, including an updated ICG section. Please check it out!

  • Updated: Advanced Services created a Unified Communication in a Box Getting started Guide, explaining how to set up different Unified Communications solutions on our IGEL OS and server-side. Check out the latest best practices there!


  • IGEL Feature Proposal is live for a couple of weeks now. Please check it out! This Feature Proposals Board will not only give you the ability to share your product ideas, but you can vote for existing items. Your votes help us understand which suggestions/ideas are essential to you.

  • Thanks to our Partner Xentegra and especially the one and only Andy Whiteside, Xentegra Podcasts, together with Doug and myself, were available on Google, Audible, etc. and now also Apple Podcasts:

IGEL Award Winners (INSIDERS & VIPs)

We shared the following in the IGEL INSIDERS & VIPs group, a private channel for award winners who have selflessly raised the bar through their contributions to others and community leadership:

  • IGEL Insider: March 23rd: IGEL INSIDER Briefing - with Simon Richards: Our COO asked you what you want from IGEL? How can we get better?

  • Much more...

You can’t imagine how great it is to write this blog post. Why? Sometimes you feel a bit upset because nothing worked like expected or ended in time, but at second sight: a lot went well. Better than your memory is remembering them. It was a great month, looking forward to meeting you all again in May!

Oh, if you are not already a member? Please join us at


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