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IGEL Tech Memories from Sébastien Pérusat – January 2022

Dear IGEL Community,

What a start into 2022, we all thought that our Security Officers could have a smooth intro into the new year but Log4j and Polkit decided to turn upside down the forces… We tried to be as quick as possible, I would pretend: we did. That’s one of the reasons why the IGEL OS is so interesting to me! I don’t want to spread flowers all over the IGEL world, but our goal is to be reactive because YOU need to be reactive because the world changes in a manner of security!

January is typically a month for Kickoffs, updating Labs, redesigning Demonstrations… I’m aligning it to it to 100% 😃

Now let’s look at January in detail:

IGEL Software Updates

  1. IGEL Universal Management Suite

    1. Official: none, expecting 6.10.100 in March roughly.

  2. IGEL Cloud Gateway

    1. Official: none, expecting 6.10.100 in March roughly.

IGEL Community Events

  1. None, stay tuned for January!!

Upcoming IGEL Community Events

IGEL Technology Partners

  • As mentioned above, we are adding new Technology Partners all the time. The following partners joined the IGEL Community. Visit them on the IGEL Community on Slack. This month we mostly focused on existing Partners and created a few groups to get them easily integrated into Slack Discussions

    • Stay tuned!

New Papers & Videos

  1. IGEL Community Video page: the unpronounceable Tech Tip Tuesday: once a week you will get short 5-10 Min. tutorials related to actual Hot topics coming from the IGEL Community.

  2. I’m recording some short videos on “how to” achieve simple tasks, like GIFs. Please let me know if you need a specific topic

  3. UPDATED: Advanced Services created a Unified Communication in a Box Getting started Guide, explaining how to set up different Unified Communications solutions on our IGEL OS and server-side. Check out the latest best practices there!


  1. Nolt Feature Proposal is live for a couple of weeks now, please check it out! This Feature Proposals Board will not only give you the ability to share your product ideas, but you can vote for existing items. Your votes help us understand which suggestions/ideas are essential to you.

  2. Thanks to our Partner Xentegra and especially the one and only Andy Whiteside, Xentegra Podcasts together with Doug and myself. Please check out the latest ones on Google, Apple, Audible:

IGEL Award Winners (INSIDERS & VIPs)

We shared the following in the IGEL INSIDERS & VIPs group, a private channel for award winners who have selflessly raised the bar through their contributions to others and community leadership:

  1. Our Insiders are in a great position to take direct influence on the upcoming IGEL OS12 GUI and a Software deployment system

  2. We share a lot of Roadmap information there and known issues. We miss you there, please join us by being active and helping others.

  3. They had the chance to attend an internal Feedback Session on IGEL Academy together with our very own Ed Webster.

Oh, if you are not already a member? Please join us at


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