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IGEL Tech Memories from Sébastien Pérusat – Jan/Feb 2021

Written by: Sébastien Pérusat, Director of Community at Senior Engineer at IGEL + IGEL Community FELLOW!

Welcome to my new monthly technical recap. As it is already March, I will take the liberty to bring you up to speed on the first two months of the year and then monthly moving forward.

What a start to the year. IGEL achieved amazing things in only two months! Guess what? It's more than I had expected, and I hope you will feel the same.

IGEL Community Awards

IGEL Software Updates

IGEL OS Updates

  • Private Builds: It was tough two months, just released seven of them: IGEL OS 11.04.261, 11.04.991 (special kernel), 11.04. 264, 11.04.267, 11.04.109 DER, 11.04.268 and 11.04.277

  • Release Candidates: we had the first insights of the now launched 11.05.100 by receiving an IGEL OS 11.05.100 RC3

  • The launch of IGEL OS 11.04.270 packed with a few new features/updates apps and a few bug fixes were on February 11th.

  • On February 25th, IGEL launched our brand new IGEL OS 11.05.100 firmware with a new Kernel and state-of-the-art client components.

UMS (Universal Management Suite):

IGEL Community Events

  • January Community Meetup: the PI is coming! In this Meetup, we discussed the newly announced IGEL RPI4 Raspberry Pi device in cooperation with NComputing.

  • We also sat in on an IGEL Ready webinar with IGEL's IGEL Ready partners. Over the coming months, we will be adding the IGEL Ready partners to the community, so you have a place to communicate with the partners directly, ask them questions, learn about their solutions, and more.

  • Our February Meetup featured 'me'. I showed you how I reverse engineer things and solve common IGEL-related support issues. This was part 1 of 2 and featured debugging and command line.

IGEL Technology Partners

New Papers & Videos


  • IGEL Feature Proposals board was launched. This Feature Proposals Board will not only give you the ability to share your product ideas, but you can vote for existing items. Your votes help us understand which suggestions/ideas are essential to you.

  • IGEL Roadmaps Documents were published to the IGEL Community.

  • On February 25th, We launched the IGEL OS RPI4 on NComputing RX420(IGEL) hardware! Finally, IGEL is coming back to the ARM Platform. It is excellent to have this platform as part of IGEL's offerings and offers a great price to performance ratio and unique use case. It is highly recommended.

  • We launched the UD Pocket 2. Finally, USB C is covered by our smallest endpoint.

IGEL Award Winners (INSIDERS & VIPs)

We shared the following in the IGEL INSIDERS & VIPs group, a private channel for award winners who have selflessly raised the bar through their contributions to others and community leadership:

  • IGEL Insider: Education and Certification Catch up

  • IGEL Insider: Amazon IGEL Insider Briefing

  • IGEL Insider: Disrupt Pre-Disrupt Briefing

  • Much more...

As you can see, the past two months have been a busy time for the IGEL Community and IGEL. Take a few moments and check out the above links to learn more. I will be back in a month to share more.... Until then, thank you.

Oh, if you are not already a member? Please join us here!


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