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How to Run IGEL UMS Console and UMS Administrator on an IGEL OS Endpoint White Paper

Updated August 5th.

Are you using Linux for your IGEL UMS Server? Now there are steps to allow you to run the IGEL UMS Console and UMS Administrator from an IGEL OS endpoint.

The following white paper will give you the steps to run the UMS console and administrator from an IGEL OS endpoint:

  • Setup SSH server on Linux UMS server

  • Update SSH server to allow X11 forwarding

  • IGEL OS endpoint SSH Setup

  • SSH X11 forwarding from IGEL OS endpoint to UMS Server

  • Start UMS Console or UMS Administrator

Download and read the 'Linux UMS and X11 Forwarding to IGEL OS Endpoint White Paper' inside the community here. Not already a member? Join here!


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