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How to deploy IGEL OS firmware and custom partitions via Azure sftp

Written by Edwin ten Haaf, IGEL Community Member

More and more of our IGEL customers want to facilitate work from anywhere.

In the office they were familiar with using #IGELOS driven devices. By providing end users with notebooks running IGEL OS or UD Pocket(IGEL on a stick) user can safely and easily connect to their virtual workplace.

The management backend (UMS) is managing these devices in the local network. connect to ICG and the management backend connects to ICG and the devices can be managed as if they were local.

If you're ICG is installed and configured well you can now manage you're devices outside the office. Deploy and update profiles, support users with shadow functionality. One important part that has to be configured separately is the distribution of IGEL OS firmware and Custom Partitions (Additional Software running on the IGEL OS like MS Teams and Zoom)

For this you need to point you're devices to a remote https/sftp location. Please read here how


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