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How to Configure IGEL WiFi SCEP with NDES

Written by: Lars Glöckner, Senior Solutions Architect EMEA at IGEL Technology

In the IGEL Community, it's been asked many times for steps on how to configure WiFi authentication with 802.1x and certificates from an MS-SCEP-server.

There are some commands you can use directly on the client in a local terminal to find out if the SCEP procedure works:

  1. Check the CA status: scep_getca 0

  2. Generate the SCEP request: scep_mkrequest 0

  3. Enroll the certificate: scep_enroll 0

But to help further, IGEL's Lars Glöckner wrote a paper to show you have to configure IGEL WiFi SCEP with NDES.

Learn more, read the IGEL WiFI SCEP with NDES paper in the IGEL Community. Not a member? Join TODAY!


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