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Configuring Webcams with Citrix CWA 21.12 on IGEL OS!

Recently, in the IGEL Community, Lars Glöckner, Senior Solutions Architect EMEA at IGEL, posted a tech-tip relating to configuring webcams with Citrix CWA 21.12 on IGEL OS!

Worth reading...

I get a lot of questions about the new 64-bit application Webcam feature in Citrix CWA 21.12. In my next UCCGuide, I will spend one additional section on that topic and some tests. In the meantime, here are some things you need to combine to make it work:

  1. Configure IGEL OS with these parameters to make 64bit support possible: ica.wfclient.allowaudioinput = enabled and ica.wfclient.hdxh264inputenabled = enabled (check on page 12)

  2. Configure the right GSteamer version on IGEL OS: sessions.pnlogin0.gstreamer_version = 1.0 and multimedia.gstreamer.version = 1.x (Screenshots added at the end of this article)

  3. Citrix Workspace App greater than 2106 is using GStreamer 1.x by default for 64bit apps support

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