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Cendio ThinLinc Joins the IGEL Community!

The IGEL Community is happy to announce Cendio has joined the IGEL Community! As a member, you can now learn about their Cendio ThinLinc Linux server-based computing solution, talk directly with Cendio employees, ask questions, and stay up-to-date on what's new.

"Our team at Cendio is happy to be part of the IGEL Community and continue the fruitful long time partnership with IGEL. Several of our customers run ThinLinc in combination with IGEL.

Cendio ThinLinc is a software that enables organizations to implement a Linux server-based computing (SBC) infrastructure.

Our ambition is to make ThinLinc "The best Linux Remote Desktop Server." We want to make Linux available to fulfill the everyday desktop computing needs for all kinds of users.

ThinLinc combines the tools and infrastructure required for Linux-based SBC into a mature, stable, and fully-supported package. It is a mix between well known open-source components and proprietary code.

You are welcome to join our channel now and discuss your ideas with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!"

-Jean Zagonel, Technical Marketing at Cendio & Cendio Team

Please visit and subscribe to the Cendio ThinLinc channel on the IGEL Community Slack channel directly here. If you are not already an IGEL Community member, you will need to join for the previous link to work. Please join all of us in the Community here!


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