IGEL Community On-Demand Webinars​

Sharing and learning are at the center of the IGEL Community.  Below you will find a list of recorded IGEL Community webinars which you can watch to dive deep in to what's new at IGEL, learn the how and why relating to IGEL's alliance partners, plus expand your knowledge on the modern EUC world in general! 

Presenter: Andrew Parlette, CTO at Tricerat 

Watch this IGEL Community webinar to hear Tricerat’s CTO, Andrew Parlette discuss corporate end-point printing strategies. Andrew will share their ideas on how companies across any industry can build and optimize their end point management.


Key takeaways will include:


  • End point management strategies for virtual desktops and cloud workspaces

  • How to increase both administrator and end user productivity by enhancing the function of daily tasks, such as printing and scanning

Join Fredrik Brattstig, NVIDIA Grid Community Advisor and IGEL Senior Presale Engineer to learn the ins and outs of RemoteVR. RemoteVR enables you to do Virtual Reality securely within your network or over the internet. It will allow you to put the graphics compute power in your data center and share it amongst multiple users in multiple locations, removing the need for expensive dedicated workstations for Virtual Reality.

Presenter: Fredrik Brattstig, NVIDIA Grid Community Advisor and IGEL Senior Presale Engineer

Join this IGEL Community Webinar for a deep dive in to the ThinLinc Linux Remote Desktop Server solution.  You will learn from a Cendio engineer who will hold an interactive technical setup and demo session about ThinLinc. You will be able to ask any question. We can answer anything ranging from installation questions and features to implementation details and development plans.

Presenter: Samuel Mannehed, Software Engineer at Cendio.
Presenter: Arjen Van Der Meulen, Director Product Management, Teradici

As recently announced, Teradici and IGEL are working together to offer IGEL thin client customers a solution to connect to Amazon WorkSpaces – or any of the major public clouds like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure - with the security and performance of PCoIP.

Teradici and IGEL are hosting an upcoming IGEL Community webinar where you'll learn more about the PCoIP protocol, and how it compares to the other protocols on the market.

Presenter: Jaymes Davis, Sr Customer Success / Technical Architect at Tehama & John Cho, COO at Venture Capital & Development

In the following IGEL Community on-demand webinar we are happy to have Jaymes Davis, Head of Customer Success, at Tehama with us to share their vision on an IT service delivery platform for the global workforce. 

Watch this on-demand webinar for a review of how to use the EEF framework to spot your Cybersecurity gaps and start working towards an active cybersecurity posture and how a trust your endpoints again leveraging IGEL and Tehama SDP. 

Presenter: Douglas Chase, VP & Michael Urgero, Director of Engineering at SecurEnvoy 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how leveraging SecurAccess MFA with IGEL provides the flexibility of a virtual environment with the security of Multifactor Authentication. With support for a broad choice of authentication methods and deployment options, SecurAccess offers an affordable and versatile multifactor authentication platform that is easy to implement and manage.

Presenter: Simon Binder, MVP and Principal Solutions Architect, Digital Workplace, ATEA.

The future of virtual desktops & apps have sometimes seemed foggy and uncertain, but no more. With the introduction of Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft have clearly stated that it is not only a tool - it's an essential part of the Microsoft 365 & Azure eco-system. This IGEL Community webinar will explain what WVD is and how it fits into the Modern Workplace story - as well as give attendees an introduction to it and showcase how to connect to and use it in a productive and disruptive way.

Presenter: Dan O'Farrell, Product Marketing Sr. Director, IGEL

In 2019 IGEL overhauled how it offers software with the goal of giving customers total control over when, where and how to deploy devices while drastically simplifying the purchasing process and adding enterprise-class support. The result is a pure software-defined offering that allows customers to easily assign licenses to any compatible x86 devices from the cloud and roam their licensed assets as needed to fit their environment. It also leaves you with a peace-of-mind that if there is a problem IGEL Support will be right there with you.

Watch this on-demand webinar with IGEL’s Product Manager Mathias Huber for a technical deep dive on what’s new with IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) 5.09.100 release. 

Presenter: Mathias Huber, Product Management, IGEL

The IGEL Community and ThinPrint invite you to watch the following technical deep dive webinar. The agenda is to technically bring you up to speed on what’s going on in the EUC Printing space today along with a deep dive into new methods, technologies, printing scenarios and a discussion on why printing still matters.

Presenter: Henning Volkmer, ThinPrint

The webinar is on the IGEL OS 10.04.100, released on April 12, 2018. It’s most important new feature is UEFI Secure Boot – no more deactivating that when booting UD Pocket on a Windows machine or installing UDC3.


There will be a live demo of booting with and without Secure Boot. There is also much more logging, various security fixes that are good to know about, and some updated software components.

Presenter: Mathias Huber, Product Management, IGEL

For our first webinar, I’m happy to have deviceTRUST with us to discuss contextual security, their deviceTRUST solution and how it fits within the IGEL platform.

Join to learn:

  • What is Contextual Security

  • deviceTRUST deep-dive

  • IGEL / deviceTRUST integration

  • Much more!

Presenter: Jens Schmidt, CSO, deviceTRUST